Friday, February 19, 2010

My Friday Night Is Ruined

A recent conversation between my husband and I:

Me: "Are you taking me out tonight?"

Him: "Of course!"

Me: "Around what time because I need to do my hair?"

Him: "I'll let you know. You'll have ample time to do your hair."

Me: shrugs

Clock strikes 8 p.m.

Called him up to find out what's going on...

Him: "Hey!"

Me: "So what's going on?"

Him: "Nothing much. Helping out X. You can start doing your hair in the next half an hour. I'll call you back."

Me: "Okay."

An hour later , my hair is done. Waiting on his call. 1 hour, 1.5 phone calls.

I buzz him.

Me: "What's really going on?"

Him: "X left so I'm all alone and need to be here. Wait for Y to come then I'll come pick you up. Don't worry. Gimme another 10 minutes."

Half an hour later, I'm writing this post and still no update from him.

I'm pissed. Rightly so. Wouldn't you be?


Nahl said...

Aww...I know how annoying that can be.
But I guess it's understandable how out of control things get sometimes. Instead of getting pissed, maybe you can find out why he was stuck?
Also, thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, if a man beats you once, he will keep doing it. To bail is the right idea.

Carina Blogarina said...

Yes I would be!I mean, obviously things come up that you can control, but he should have called you and told you the second he knew about the circumstances and wait for you to call him!! My boyfriend does this all the time, boys are such morons sometimes..

KinkyJew said...

Oy! I'm perpetually late, so I see both sides. Still, if he had an evening planned, he probably should have been on target, rather than keeping you waiting. Nothing spoils a nice night like sitting around feeling like you're the girl missing the prom.

Pratty said...

me exboyfriend did that a few times. granted they were somewhat legit, but super annoying nonetheless.

Amanda West said...

Ehh, my husband would be sleeping on la sofa.

Luke said...

I'll provide some male feedback:

We are all idiots.


Johana Hill said...

Ain't that sweet of you Luke? Speaking for the male population...

Not all of you are idiots! ;p

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