Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Slutty Girl, Manly Man and Classy Woman

We are assuming.

And no.  Nobody will make an ass of you and I.  We'll be fine.  If they do, then we shoot them right between the eyes.  Right? Perfect.

And remember we are assuming.

Slutty Girl is flirting with Manly Man.  She practically throws herself on his face.  She's the on-your-face-type of woman who thinks being born in the ghetto is a plus point.  Oh and she's from Big City.

Manly Man tells Classy Woman - who is also his better half, about Slutty Girl.  Manly Man and Classy Woman make fun of Slutty Girl and have a good laugh at her expense.

A few days later, Manly Man is sitting on a two-seat couch, next to Slutty Girl, with barely a few inches to spare, and they are both enjoying a beer.  Talking.  Chatting.  Whatever.

Classy Woman passes by and catches them enjoying a conversation.

Of course Classy Woman is taken aback. And confronts Slutty Girl and Manly Man.

Slutty Girl swears nothing happened.  Manly Man swears they were just talking.

Classy Woman is skeptical and kicks up a fuss.

Now my beautiful people, I ask you.

Is it reason enough for Manly Man and Classy Woman to break up?  Should they call it quits?  Has Manly Man betrayed Classy Woman by sparing Slutty Girl a few minutes of his time?

What say you?

I need your input.  Spit it out...


Claire Kiefer said...

Does Slutty Girl work with Classy Man? Why were they in the same company again?

Johana Hill said...

No. Slutty Girl doesn't work with Manly Man. She was visiting and was staying nearby. She left today as a matter of fact. The place she was staying at shares a gate with Classy Woman and Manly Man's abode. Slutty Girl asked Manly Man to have a drink with her and he agreed.

Carina the Blogarina said...

I say no. We can't be so insecure in our relationship that our partner can't talk to other people.. slutty or not. People should be able to thrust their partner and if they can't maybe they should reconsider their relationship all together? What is a relationship without thrust?

Larissa said...

I think they should not break up... after all it was just a conversation,... nothing more... and even if manly man made fun of slutty woman before, i think he is allowed to talk with her...isn´t he?

Nuke Girl said...

I feel that Manly Man should have been polite, friendly, yet distant as soon as he realized that Slutty Girl was throwing herself at his face. It's just in good taste, and he should've respected Classy Woman's feelings a bit more.

Manly Men - when they find themselves in a conversation/interaction with a Slutty Girl - should always conduct themselves in the same manner they would if their Classy Woman were present. Even if she is not present.

However, Classy Woman should probably forgive Manly Man after she makes it very clear that this behavior is unacceptable, and why.

Unless of course, Manly Man has given her good reason in the past to suspect that he might be lying. In which case...

That's a toughie.

Nuke Girl said...

Um, and accepting drink offers from strange Slutty Girls is definitely NOT acceptable behavior unless the invitation was clearly for BOTH of you. Why would he agreed to that?

Johana Hill said...

Nuke That's exactly what I said too! Manly Man has disrespected Classy Woman in my opinion. If any female is offering a drink then courtesy demands that the couple should be invited.

Jewels Diva® said...

Of course they shouldn't break up, and if talking to someone of the opposite sex with loose morals is a reason to break up then I'd say there's WAY much more going on in that relationship than what's beeing said.

Respect your partner and stay away from girls like that, but it's not a crime to talk to someone, or stand within inches of them and both be drinking at the same time.

Johana Hill said...

According to Classy Woman, her main issue is that Manly Man disrespected her and if it were her, sitting in close proximity with some dude, drinking and indulging the poor sod, then what would Manly Man say? Manly Man said he wouldn't be pleased and he apologized. But is it enough?

Magpie said...

They shouldn't break up BUT Manly Man should be put STRAIGHT IN THE DOG HOUSE for using the excuse 'we were just talking' (yeah, right, like I came down in the last shower. Give me a break) and should grovel for a minimum of three days. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to give off one impression to Classy Woman about his thoughts and feelings about Slutty Girl (who, by the way, is a bitch) and behind her back act in a way completely out of sync with these supposed thoughts and feelings.

Man up, Manly Man, accept responsibility and admit that you were enjoying having your ego stroked. We're all adults and you know that's what it was. You were enjoying the attention because you're as vain and foolish (maybe a little more so) as the rest of us.

Make it up to Classy Woman in a thoughtful manner and be done with it.

Annika said...

Agree with all above!
Manly man needs to get what a fool he has been, but Classy Woman should forgive him.
If its the first time it happened and on the hopes it will never happen again.
*Annika starts singing R.E.S.P.E.C.T*

OfficeGirl said...

Also agree with all of the above. If it were me talking to some random hot guy...I would get a serious verbal bashing. Including my faithfulness being put into question. I don't think it's grounds for breaking up but I do however think it's grounds for making Manly Man feel like shit for a good couple of weeks.

MKL said...

I'm with classy woman on this one. ;) It's hard to pass a good judgement, because I don't know these people. In theory, a drink can be just a drink or it means something more. If it's the latter, then Manly Man and Classy Woman have some issues to solve.

mrs. b. said...

Nuke said it way better than i ever could and i totally agree with her.

Andhari said...

The classy girl is understandable to be a bit curious and put her guard up. :)

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