Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Fingers Itch!

Okay.  Here goes.  I'll be making some changes up in this motherbitcher of  a blog!

I know some of you think that it's crazy - that I'm crazy - to keep changing templates and all but did you know that I get bored easily? Like, how I hate routines or staring at the same thing every day? *shudders*

And then I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with some of the bloggers out there.  I won't mention names now but after the complete layout-haulage, I'll publish a special post.  Just know that you guys are my source of inspiration.  I swear.

Plus, Christina gave me an award! Again, it'll come up in the next post.

Sorry for not linking right now but my fingers are itching!

I need gloves!


P.S: Check out my Twitter profile! I put up a real picture of me but it's cropped! It's not Christmas yet, guys! Ha! Anyway, I'll take the pic down by the end of this week.  Go on...;p

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If Looks Could Kill, Lover Boo Will Be Charged...

Reading this from Chinky Mel Corner, the night when Honey Lips, Lover Boo and I went clubbing came to mind.

In life, there are friends and friends.  Some friends, no matter how long you haven't spoken to, or no matter how far they are from you, remain special.  When you meet up again, it's like 'only yesterday'.  

Lover Boo and I are very tight.  As the new lingo describes it, we are BFFs.  The bond we share remains tight, if not tighter by each and every conversation we enjoy. 

When I came back home, of course, we met and kinda fell back in the now-that-I-am-here-we-will-see-each-other-as-often-as-possible-and-call-each-other-as-much-as-we-like-which-is-every-day routine.  

Honey Lips, Lover Boo and I planned a night out.  We went to a very popular club in the tourist-y area.  Lover Boo donned a sexy dress and a pair of high heels, whereas I wore my have-worn-so-many-times black dress, and heels.  We were feeling gorgeous, especially with Honey Lips praising us and all. 

(Something like the following other words, paraphrasing...)

Lover Boo, once we reached the club, asked, "What will you guys have? I'm treating you two."

"Hennessy and Coke for me!", exclaimed Honey Lips.  

"I don't know...?", I was confused. What's new?

"Okay, let's go to the bar and then you can browse the menu", Lover Boo sweetly offered.

I agreed and, she and I made our way to the bar while Honey Lips rushed to the window seat. 

"Is something wrong with me? I see people shooting me weird looks...", LB asked me, sweeping a glance around us.  Lover Boo is really, really attractive.  You would agree too, if you saw her.

"You're pretty.  That's what it is", I chuckled while perusing the menu.  

"Women are staring at me! Eeekss...", she screeched.

"Isn't that what you want? Women looking at you?", I wisely cracked.  "Anyway, what are you having?"

"Yes, but they are giving me weird looks, you know? And this guy on my right too.  He's staring", LB whispered to me.  I stopped and looked on her right and saw this white dude devouring LB with his eyes.

"Oh! He is indeed staring at you!", I whispered back.

"Erm...have you decided what you want?", Lover Boo, uneasily, asked.  

"A Margarita! Yes. I want a Margarita. And you?", I looked up again, and what do you know? LB is talking to the white dude! I elbowed her and she turned to me.  

"Yes babes? He wants to buy me a drink!" She was bloody amused by now.  

"Accept it! Ha!", I, the Great Advisor, said.  "No way! He won't leave me alone then", LB muttered.  "Let's get you your drink. I'll have the same thing as well."

We ordered, collected our drinks and made our way to where Honey Lips was patiently waiting for us.

"You don't know what just happened!", I said to HL while I plopped my ass in the vacant chair next to him.  LB and I then regaled HL with what happened by the bar.

"Well next time, you accept his treat, silly!", Honey Lips teased LB.

Eventually, Lover Boo did accept White Dude's treat...A Guinness! For Honey Lips! 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Speed Kills!

Sometime last week:

"You know where is the new post office?", my dad asked me.

"Uh...I think?".  I didn't know, of course.

"Okay.  Well the post office's been moved to X.  Tomorrow can you please go pick up this letter for me?".  He showed me a Pick-Up note from the post-office.

"Will they give it to me? It's got your name on it?", I said with a frown.

"Of course.  Just take your ID with you", he nodded.

"Okay.  I'll go tomorrow". I agreed.

The following morning:

"I'll go to the post-office on my way to work", my mum said.

"Good.  Okay", I acquiesced.

"There's food for you to eat.  Just heat it.  Okay? I'm off."  My mum waved me good-bye.

Same day, in the afternoon:

"Look what's in there!" My mum pointed to the open envelope.  "Your father will be happy.  Your brother will be happier!"

"Oh? 'Me see...." I pulled the letter from the envelope and....OMG!

A speeding ticket!!

I checked the date and time and what do you know? My dad had the car on that famous day! My mum and I started to crack up.  My dad came home an hour later and, "Congratulations! You must be so proud of yourself, you who can't stop lecturing us about speed and all! Ha!" I cackled.

3 hours later:

"Guess what? Check this out.  Dad's got a prize!", I handed the letter to my brother.

"Really? Let me see...".  He was excited! "Oh! Where is he?".  Upon seeing my dad, my brother laughed and with a fatherly tone, said, "How many times have I told you not to speed! Speed kills!"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Pixelated Relatives!

Before I start whining, I think not a lot of you (if not all of you) know that Honey Lips is back in London.  I'm still back home, enjoying the delicious cooking of my mother, whose aim is to make me lose weight and not the reverse.  Maybe that's why she's starving me, like I'm having tea and/or coffee, and baguette for lunch! Terrible! Well not that much.  I enjoy eating bread and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to spread butter, right? There you go...

Anyway, between looking for jobs - I might as well make some money while I'm here -, and being home alone, I'm savoring every second of this temporary respite.  And not to sound too catty, I hate being disturbed.  Especially on days I'm feeling good (remember I said I was craving for some single days?) and feel like talking en-tete-a-tete with myself.  Like this morning, I woke up, very chirpy.

I'm by my desk-table, just finished pulling on a cigarette (hard to kick off that smoking habit, yo!), when I heard the side gate protesting noisily.

Oh Lord! Who is it now? Not my cousin? I can't take her righteous self right now! 

Don't get me wrong. I like her.  She's okay.  But, man, give me a break! Yesterday, we spend a couple of hours together.  I got nothing more to tell her.  Well, not at the moment anyway.

So I waited for her knock.  I went downstairs to open the door and let her in.  Forcing a happy-to-see-you grin, I invited her to come upstairs.  After a half an hour of useless banter, I helped her out with her resume and all.  Minutes later, she said she had to go (Oh yes!) but she was not budging! She then recommended me a movie (comedy) and I okayed.  She's still not budging FFS! I had to look up the movie on YouTube (stingy arses that we are!) and she watched the first 10 minutes of the movie with me!

"This movie is so funny, and the guy is so sexy.  I love him.  The end is so hilarious.  I was laughing so hard my belly ached!", she interrupted my murderous thoughts.

"Look, what's he going to do! He's so cute!", she continued.

"Oh no, don't tell me...I want to watch it!", I faked a protest.  But no, really, if you'd already watched the movie, spare me the on-the-side comments and let me enjoy the movie.  Please!

"Oh I wasn't going to tell you what'd happen next.  I'm not like that", she bit back.  Grrr...

A couple of deep chuckles here and there, her phone rang.  It was her mother.

"Okay, I gotta go." Well, I'd hope so!

Eventually, she did leave! Like, five minutes after.

Well, hey, Internet is my sister, my brother, my cousin, my uncle, my aunty....and now my husband too! Don't blame me....seesh...