Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cats And Cats

Two days ago in my mother's kitchen:

"Ugh! This cat is so annoying! It keeps jumping up in front of me!", my mum, exasperated, with a pan in her hand, muttered.

Her kitchen is rather small and we have cats coming every day.  They want food and a warm place to sleep in.  Where do they come from? We ain't got a clue.  Sometimes, I'd come home to find one of the cats lazying on my bed.  

The cat looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Dinner's not ready yet, little fellow.  You have to wait", I said.

"They always come and stand in front of you while you're hustling in the kitchen!", my mum continued, very annoyed.

"So why don't you stand behind the cats?", piped in my father, who was at the kitchen table, reading the newspapers.  With a dead-pan expression!

Trust my dad to make fun of everything!

Being home is lovely!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey You! 'Sup?

The phone rang.
My heart jumped.
I thought it was him.

I looked at the screen.
Saw it wasn't him.
I smiled. I picked up.

It was her.
We chatted for a while.
We said bye.

When will he call?
I'm worried.
I'm still waiting...


A little something-something I felt like writing.  Don't know what to call that.  They don't even rhyme.

So how are you doing? 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The String Theory

"You know what?", I hesitantly asked Honey Lips.

"What?", he muttered, while watching Prison Break Season 1 all over again.

"I think I...er...had a Eureka! moment", said I, still baffled at the realization.

"Tell me", he looked up at me.

"You know yesterday, I wore a thong and...", I started.

"Hold up.  Let me pause Prison Break", he fumbled on the keyboard and said, "Yes, tell me...".

"As you know, I haven't worn a thong in a while, right?..", I tried to explain when he interrupted me, with his eyebrows shot up to his hairline. Almost.

"You know I love it when you wear thongs and I have to beg you sometimes."

Honey Lips' tolo perks up every time at the sight of my bare ass-cheeks, with a piece of thread in between.  It always works sister.  I'm telling you.

"Yes.  But you know because of my heavy bleeding which lasts for weeks, I have to wear granny panties and sometimes boxer panties.  After a while, you get used to it.  They are so comfy as compared to strings, you know it.  I explained that to you so many times.  Anyway, I put on one yesterday and bejaysus, I can't stop going to the toilet.  It's like that single piece of thread tickles my crack and I have to poop!",  I ended with a nervous laugh.  

Honey Lips started laughing! 

"It's like the thong massages my constipated crack and you know how many times I've been to the toilet already?", I continued.  

"That's good then, isn't it?", Honey Lips grinned.

"Good for my bowel movement and for your libido, you mean!", I teased.

"You know it hun.  See, if you'll only listen to me..."

O.M.G peeps, I'm not making it up.  When I came back home, in the first few days, I had a regular poop pattern and then, after hoovering down local food and delicacies, it was like my crack got sewn up!  And now this discovery!  I'm baffled.

Bye-bye boxer panties - well until after my painful menses come back.  And hi to you, sexy thongs!  ;p

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Desultory Hi!

Oh Lord, ain't you guys wanna tie me up and throw me in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? You know, the sporadic appearances of myself? Tiresome, ain't it? It's okay.  You can dexterize me...

Anyway, I've been spending some quality time with Lover Boo (remember her? updates on her will follow at a later date!) and she once made me listen to a current favorite song of hers and initially, it wasn't that pleasing to my ears but then I catch myself humming that tune from the time I wake up till I go to La-La Land at night.

So yes, for lack of not blogging on a regular basis, I want you guys to have a listen too! Just to remember me by...please...

So how was it?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home


I'm back but not really back.  

For the first time, I brought Honey Lips home and he's enjoying every single minute of it...sleeping!  Would you believe that? He doesn't feel like going out at all.  I let him spend the day in bed because I know he needs the rest.  

AnyImstokedway, I'm loving every minute of being home and I'll be here for a while.  My old room has been transformed and I won't feel comfy until Honey Lips leaves.  I'm not used to having my old bedroom shared with someone else, especially a man! 

Whispers: Every time we have sex it feels so 'forbidden'! And our sex life kinda hit the roof! It's like having sex while your parents are like 3 dozen feet away.  Total bliss! Like yeah mom, I'm having sex in your house and you can't say shit!  Boo ya!

I'll miss my Honey Lips when he goes away.  I'll join him whenever everything gets sorted out.  However, I must admit I'll be glad to be on my own for a while.  Since HL and I met we haven't spent one night apart.  Romantic, huh? Not really.  After a while, the craving to be single for at least 24 hours eats at you like fish nibbling on soggy bread.  

I have more things to say but I think one of my cousins will be here any minute.  

Before I leave, please know I miss you all my beautiful people.

I can't wait to read all of y'all blogs.  It'll be a while but I'll catch up.

Don't I always? ;p