Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lips Sealed

Nothing beats sex in the morning.

I'm not saying another word!


MKL said...

Not bad, but sometimes sex in the evening beats it ;)

Johana Hill said...

Sex in the morning is the ish! ;) Ask your woman/wife/gf... ;d

Carina Blogarina said...

Hm...I'm not a morning person. I'm a "after you brushed your teeth" type of person ...

KinkyJew said...

La la la la! AFTERNOON DELIGHT!! :)

Jewels Diva said...

How about sex at night!

Sex in the shower!

Sex in the rain!

Sex in the office!

Johana Hill said...

Sex at night - I fall asleep after.

Sex in the shower - I have black-outs! But oh! please that don't deter us at all...;p

Sex in the rain - *gasps* Never did it in the rain. I prefer staying in while it rains.

Sex in the office - Does office toilet count? Sex in the office is strongly recommended! ;p

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