Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's Have An Awesome Clap!

"Honey, scratch my back please.  Right there...bit to the right...yesss...oww!"

Honey Lips and I are lying down in bed, watching TV.  Every time he asks me to scratch his back, I hurt him.  So he says.  

"Rub slowly, gently and firmly", he pleaded.

"Slowly, gently and what?", I asked.


"How do you do gentle and firm at the same time?", I frowningly questioned him.

And his brilliant answer was, "Just like a cock enters a pussy...gently and firmly!"

I rest my case.

A couple of Law & Order Series later...

"Where's my poem?", I begged.

Honey Lips has a romantic soul.  Many times, out of the blue, while hugging me, he would recite a poem.  Most of the times they don't make sense but it's sweet of him to spit a few rhymes just for me.  It's been a while he hasn't performed.  Poetically speaking of course.

"You're not Byron.  I'm not asking you to write a masterpiece.", I complained to him.

"Baby, everything I do is a masterpiece!"  

And that's how my husband rolls.

Now before I continue, let me clarify that we've been on very good terms for the past few weeks, he and I.  We had a huge row last month.  So as I say, it's not always rosy.

Back to today, an hour before, he and I are in the car, on our way back home...

This is me, about to rhyme for my wife Johana
Just in time 
What I'm about to do for you you'd like
This is a poem I'm gonna recite
Stress of the week-end...stress of the week-end
Went in town
To have a frown*
Looking around
A place called Beertown**
Get in trouble
On the double
You know for sure Jo
You burst my bubble
Went back home
I began to cry
Oh god baby I don't wanna lie!

*Frown - He meant "to have a laugh".  He changed it because of the rhyme.
**Beertown - Actually I changed the name of the place but it ends with 'town'.

If you've read the previous post you'd understand the poem.... ;p

Yes I love him too...

Now to more awesome stuff....I got another award!!

I know, I know...I'm awesome... ;p

This one is from Stacy over at Stacy Says. Thank you honey...you're the best!

I'm sharing it with:
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  2. Lovely Violet
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Some of you, I've just met but I would like our blogging relationship to become much more than that! ;p

A blessed week to all of my readers and new followers.  


LA Idiot said...

Gentle but firm. Master it and he will be puddy in your hands. Also, head rubs (as in the scalp) easily coax men into doing things...but you probably already knew that.

Johana Hill said...

LA Idiot Hahahaha...although I already know it, it's good to hear it from someone else...;p

lovelyviolet5 said...

Congrats on your award doll and thank you so much for sharring it with me!!You are awesome indeed!!!!!

Tina said...

Aaaaw (that's for the poem and for giving me an award!).

Also, I couldn't read the poem without wanting to rap it. And then I started beatboxing.

Johana Hill said...

Lovely Violet You're welcome sweetheart! ;p

Tina You deserve it. My first thought when I found your blog for the first time was, "She is so good. Why does her blog get no love?!"...

Anyway beatboxing? Can you beatbox? You gotta show us! ;p

EmWampach said...

Oh you my e my bestie in the blogging world... he he ....
Thank you sweet!

and that honey lops of yours is just so cute with his little poems!:)

Annika said...

Gracias Senorita! Whoohoo now lets go celebrate! Who brings the food and who brings the drink?

OfficeGirl said...

Thanks for the award Johana!! YOU ARE FLIPPIN' AWESOME!! You have become my "blog award" first! So this is cool in itself! Thanks!

Jewels Diva® said...

What a man!!!!

Nuke Girl said...

Omg, congrats on your award and thank you for mine! I loooooove it! And you! You mean so much more to me than just another blogger. *wink wink* :P

Magpie said...

Oh, just wait. I am gonna pester my better half for a poem next time I see him. It'll be all 'but Merc gets one!! How come I don't? Don't you love me? Oh my God you don't love me!'

Cue tantrum until I get one that will most likely go:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If you'd shut up Magpie,
Then we could screw.

Andhari said...

Girlie you are AWESOME.:)

Kanwalful said...

Thanks babe =) I love getting a new award every frikkin' five days. Cheers to our new BEST blogger friend relationship =)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Gently and firmly! Lols! hahahaha. What a brilliant answer your hubby came up with. Definitely had me laughing. =)

Rebecca Watson said...

you're blog is totally cute! proud new follower! have a great day! :)

follow me!

:) ps i love the title of your blog....its never my fault! adorable! :)


MKL said...

Honey Lips is such a poet, wow. I didn't expect that. A poet, but sometimes pretty blunt, eh? Hehe.

Thanks for your award, I feel appreciated. I need to create a page for awards now, this is my second. Give me few days, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds an awful lot like my husband. I'm too afraid to post most things he says.

The MANChild Swagga said...

I'm gonna spit those smooth lyrics to my girl later on - hopefully she will take me off of punishment (aka hiatus/coochie strike/mr.swagga-gets-nones-because-he's-a-bad-boy).

Can you please ask Mr. Honey Lips if he put a copyright on this?

*weird feeling just came about after realizing that I called a dude 'Mr. Honey Lips'

Johana Hill said...

Of course you can use it. There's no copyright on them The MANChild Swagga! ;p

Hope your boo forgives you! ;p

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