Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shake The Johnson Instead!

Disclaimer:  This post is NSFW!

My father-in-law is away for two weeks and I'm hogging his living room.  Why?  His living room is way cooler than mine.  Plus he has a set of Lazyboys! I don't need much convincing.  So I thought I would spend Saturday on the Lazyboy, with my feet well propped up, watching TV.  Honey Lips is helping the two electricians we called on to fix some electrical issue we're having at home. feels good.  I'm licking an ice cream cone when...

The Shake Weight ad came on!

Are you serious?

That ad is dripping with sexual connotations!

Have you seen it yet?

For those who haven't here's a peek.

As you can see and hear, it's "the newest invention in exercise".  Hilarious, isn't it?

I have a better solution.  FOR FREE!  

Yes! That's it!  

You have a boyfriend, a husband, a live-in lover, a fucking buddy?  Then you do NOT need to buy the Shake Weight!  Just get down on your knees (or stand up; whatever rocks your boat!) and get the Johnson shaking.  Not only will it give you sexy arms but while squatting your butt will get fixed up too!  2-in-friggin'-1...or 3-in-friggin'-1 (if you count the gyrating of the waist too).  You can also add oral stimulation to the daily regime.  Your double-chin will be taken care of.  

Now the mammoth task of "manual sexual stimulation" seems more appealing than before, doesn't it?  I mean not only do I get him off (my back) but I get rid of the extra flab in my arms.  

Wear sleeveless unembarrassedly and show off those no-longer-hanging-loose arms you got for gratis!

You better get to work now...Summer is just around the corner!


Annika said...

That is so hilarious! Haha, god I am laughing my ass of for real! Cheers!

Nuke Girl said...

Hey, thanks for the comment and the follow! Love this, I have not seen the ad but when I watched the video, I died laughing! I like your idea, "multi-tasking" is far more efficient anyways. :P

Christopher said...

You need a commercial and fast. I fully endorse this product.

Johana Hill said...

;p Annika

Nuke Girl I'm watching G.I Jane and you came to mind! ;p

Christopher Hahahaha I bet you would endorse it!! ;p

Anna|annA said...

You would totally get the full body work out if you tried the behind the head thing with the other. lmao! What will they come up with next? Too funny. :-)

Brittney said...

baahahahaha I've seen this before, but your description of how it should be used in sex-life is amazing. thank you for this laugh. much needed!!

Kanwalful said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, AMAZING! That elicited my first laugh of the day - what a winner! I truly think you Americans are lucky/unlucky with the ads they manage to air over there...

Also, did anyone else think that thing should have a tapered end and be marketed more towards... the sexual satisfaction end of things?

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