Friday, March 5, 2010

Blogger SOS - Part I

Earlier, after posting about my poor health, I remembered someone once telling me how Cognac is good to fight off an imminent influenza.  Since I don't have any Cognac at home but Hennessy and Vodka, I settled on the latter.  Laced with Cranberry juice and with a small inaudible prayer, I bravely took a sip.  

I can't say it worked.  Maybe because I smoked twice after.  Or maybe it'll work tomorrow, after a good night's sleep.  

Honey Lips left a while ago on a duty call.  So I'm all alone.  

I started reading some blogs and for some reason, today I've come across a few bloggers who are clueless about HTML and/or CSS coding.  While HTML is not that hard, I know it can get pretty confusing sometimes; especially to those who aren't familiar with back-end coding.  Now I'm not an expert.  In 2003, I learned HTML (basic) for my degree and as soon as I finished my course I completely forgot about anything I picked up then.

And when I started blogging, I realized that, to give my blog a personal polish, I need to re-educate myself on HTML.  That's where Google came in handy.  I Google-d my way through and started digging for HTML/CSS online tutorials.  There are loads of HTML/CSS goodies out there and my generous heart reckoned that to score more points with God, I need to share my knowledge.  So I decided to put down lists of sites where you can find your way through to improve your blog and give it that personal look you so crave.  It'll be more like a series.  

So here goes the first instalment:

Free Blogger Templates (No need to right-hand click.  Just Click!)


Blue~Flame said...

Saint Johanna.

Annika said...

Hmmmm... maybe you didn't drink enough vodka? For me it used to be tequila, it just burned all the sickness away I think! (had a hangover the next day, but the cold was gone, ha!)

Agy Talks said...

Thanks for HTML advice, I could really use it :D


No One Reads The Copy said...

I'm itching for a blog design overhaul. I'll have to spend some time looking through these. Thanks!!

Hope Chella said...

Thanks for your comment. I'll be following you now :) Feel better!!!

Susie Q said...

Do you Americans get a different kind of Hennessy? Because the one sold in Europe is Cognac...

I'm a complete n00b when it comes to HTML. I learned it at some point when I was a kid and was quite good at it, so I can still recognise the commands and everything. BUT remembering what each attribute does? Not so much. It's amazing how much you need to know when you're a blogger. :P


Johana Hill said...

OMG! I just Googled Hennessy and what do you know?! It's a French Cognac!!

I always thought Hennessy was a rum! I am a total noob!

Kanwalful said...

I hate my blog design and I suck at HTML and all that jazz. I wish I could give my blog a makeover but the times I've tried to, its been a DISASTER!

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