Thursday, April 29, 2010

Underwear: His And Hers

Early morning Honey Lips and I stepped out to pay some bills as it is month-end and all.  We reached the post office and was waiting for the counter-lady to bring the necessary paperwork when Honey Lips said,

"When you wear yellow
You turn on this fellow
My insides go jello
And makes me feel mellow"

So clichéd but he deserved the sloppy kisses I rained on his cheeks and ears right there in the post office.

But before we reached the post office, we were in the car, stopped at a zebra crossing, when this lady wearing a tight skirt walking by on the sidewalk a few metres ahead of us.

"Look at her panties.  She's wearing granny panties.  You see why you must wear thong?", Honey Lips tells me in his mr-know-it-all-voice.

"I'm a panty pervert.  I like looking at women's panties. It's interesting to know what kind of panties they wear.  Granny thongs!", he keeps on blaberring while I chuckle.

You ask why I didn't smash him on his head?

Well, first off, it's not the first time, my husband made his eldritch (he claims to be a mutant) fondness for panties be known to me.  Secondly, I can't really slap him because uh, most of the times, I uh...wear his underwear.

Hold on!  Let me explain!

Well Honey Lips hates speedos.  One day, he was doing his own clothes-shopping when he mistakenly put two packs of speedos in the check-out basket.  He hustles when he shops.  When he reached home I saw the speedos and I was a bit surprised.  He was surprised too.  And you know he never wore 'em.  He told me to 'pack it up'.  What he means is 'put it in your underwear drawer'.  I did.  In the meantime I'm stocking up on thongs because I know how he loves them.  Then came my period.

Uh huh...I'm out of granny panties and I'm a pad girl (I'm not ashamed of that!) so of course I saw the speedos.  Plus, they are in dark colors.  Better for me.  They are so comfy! When I would be home alone, I would have nothing else on but my speedo.  Sometimes, I wear 'em even after my period is done!

So yeah, I can't admonish him for his guilty pleasure because of my own nasty secret.  Which is not a secret anymore.

Now you can laugh at me!


Carina the Blogarina said...

Lol.. I don't even know what to comment here :) Glad you found something that works for you!!

Kate said...

Men's clothes are just so much better than women's. Instead of doing the Buy for Boyfriend - Give to Boyfriend - Steal from Boyfriend. I frequently skip out the middle man and just do Buy for Kate. Yes, I buy men's clothes. For me.

Kate x

No One Reads The Copy said...

I'm a pad girl too!! Now I don't have to be ashamed anymore!!!

Thank you.

MKL said...

All the pad girls raise your hands!!!

Everyone screams: Me me me me me!!! :P

TMI! haha...

Funny story. But I think girlfriends wearing boyfie's panties: Hot! Add his shirt and you got one sexy image ;)

Gnetch said...

Pad girl! *raises hand*

Well, it's more comfortable. Haha.

Amber said...

I'm raising both of my hands--not only am I a pad girl but I wear those monster, behemoth overnight pads. I'm menstruationaly insecure.

OfficeGirl said...

"Hi, my name is officegirl and I am a pad girl."
You're not alone! I love that you wear speedos, very hilarious!

Milton said...

Ah, I regularly wear my bloke's elastic-hitting-floor panties. Then he screams at me: "you're wearing my panties!"

"What, this piece of shit?" I retort.

"Yeah, well, ok. I was gonna get new stuff anyways, like..."

M x

Jewels Diva® said...

Why would we laugh?

I use pads, and I've worn men's boxers. Although the seam does go up your crack and hurt so you're constantly pulling them out, but still, for around the house in summer with a bikini top, it's cool.

Johana Hill said...

Carina did you blush when you read this post? ;p

Kate I'm still on the steal-from-boyfried phase! LOL

Maria good! I used to be ashamed but no more.

MKL, me, me! I should try the shirt thing out...thanks! ;p

Gnetch it sure is! ;p

Amber I'm a heavy bleeder too. I hate it when others tell me, "Oh mine lasts 3 days!"

OfficeGirl Honey Lips doesn't think it's hilarious one bit. LOL

Milton cats shouldn't wear panties! Shame on you. LOL

Jewels yes! I almost forgot the seams-go-in-crack part. Hahahaha, that's why I think my husband doesn't like wearing one. LOL

Elizabeth Marie said...

OMGGGG I adore you.

I'm bringing pads back. I hate shoving a foreign object up there, unless it's yaaa know....


Johana Hill said...

Elizabeth TMI? No I don't think so. God I'm nervous now! The questions I sent you...LOL

Lady Mel said...

Not alone. Pad girl here. I would never wear thongs though. All up in the ass crack (can I say that?) ROFLMAO!

Question: If some of us are pad girls, what are the other things women use during their periods? Tampons? lol.

Yani ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶◙ said...

count me in since i am a pad girl too!

just blog hopping!

your post made me laugh!

take care!

Harini said...

Pad girl here too! And i so not ashamed of it. But its good to know i have company ;) :P.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hahahaha. You are too funny. Hello from a fellow Pad girl here. =) Oh my, I thought wearing boy's polos are cute on girls, but hmmm speedos? Ok, looks like I'll have to give that a try. Oh and guess what, I did have thongs and mom was going through my drawer and she saw them. Know what she did? She cut them up and threw them out, she said they were devil's panties! She wants me to go back to wearing those kiddie panties with the pooh and hello kitty designs. Turn off much?! Then she goes on and asks me, "wait a minute, are you doing it already?!" hahahahahaha.

Andhari said...

Hahaha comfortable huh?

ps. aint nothing wrong with pads. I use them too :p

Susie Q said...

Aren't guys meant to love it when we wear their underwear? I know my ex used to love it when I'd pull his briefs on.. Just cos they'd be nice and tight on me and obviously I wasn't going to go for anyone else when wearing HIS boypants.. :D

No pads for me, cups and sponges all the way! If you wear a sponge, you can still do the dirty without getting tomato sauce on the sausage! ;)


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