Monday, May 3, 2010

Interview Of The Fabulous Miss Unbeweavable!


The much awaited blog interview is here! I was planning on writing a smashing introduction of this lady but after reading her answers, I think it'd be an understatement to even try.  I wouldn't bore you much with my ramblings, so without further ado, let's get to know Miss Lizzy Marie from It's Unbeweavable a bit more.  

1. Tell us 5 things about yourself that we, your blogger-fans, don't know.
Fans! Stop it. I'm YOUR fan! Ok...what ya'll don't know is tricky because I have a big mouth over on my piece of the interwebs...

1. I have a twin sister. 2. I'm half Colombian. 3. I am addicted to Gossip Girl, etc...but I will NEVER miss an episode of Law and Order SVU. 4. I have yet to meet a guy who can keep up with me sexually (this is not a challenge haha) 5. I am a little shy in person-until I get comfortable. Then I won't shut the hell up.

2. What is your philosophy towards life?
"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nin I live and breathe by this quote. Also I believe you get back what you put in to this life, and I believe in stumbling, and making mistakes and being a hot mess-and then learning from those moments. And moving on.

3.  Who or what inspire you to blog so beautifully?
Aw thank you!  I don't hold back when I blog.  I'm not afraid to go to the dark places...if anything, I like it-it brings them to the light, and they aren't so scary anymore.  Sometimes my posts might just be about lipgloss, but I blog how I talk, like all my readers are my friends.  Which, I believe they are. 

4.  How do you keep in touch with the latest fashion trends?
I think it's just like any other passion-if someone is super obsessed with technology, or sports for example..they know what's up at all times!  Fashion is a part of me-I went to a fashion college and have been working in the industry ever since.  I'm blessed to work in the industry that I love.  I also read a lot of magazines and way too many fashion blogs! :)

5.  How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
I don't count, but I would guess about 100 pairs. Eeek!

6.  If I unexpectedly come to your house right now, what would you feed me?
Ohhh I'd love it if you dropped by-anytime girl.  Well, I make really good french toast...or I can order a pizza like nobodys business!  But we'll definitely have some wine, regardless! And cheese. 

7.  What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
The very first thing I do is check my blackberry.  I get lot's of emails from Europe, etc that come in when I'm sleeping and I always feel like I'm missing something.  I need to chill-I'm working on it.

8.  If a movie is made about your life, what do you think should the movie title be?
Well..."It's Unbeweavable!" of course :)  That or, "WHERE'S THE WINE?" or "Smarter Than She Looks"

9.  Have you ever dated a black man? 
I have. He was/is a great guy and I think I'll always wish the timing had been different. AND SO HOT.

10.  What makes you angry?
Haters piss me off-it's just unnecessary.   Animal abuse. 

11.  What do you do with clothes you no longer wear?
I donate them to charity.

12.  What is your oldest memory you can recall?
I remember spending time with my Nana.  Mostly I remember how she smelled-Chanel No 5 and Coty powder. 

13.  Are you superstitious?
A little bit, and randomly. I think I would freak out if a black cat crossed in front of me.

14.  Are you a tampon-girl or a pad-girl?
I'm a tampon girl, for the most part.

15.  How many sex-toys do you own?

16.  How big is your bed?
A king.

17.  What makes you unique?
It's hard to say but I think my experiences...the traveling and living abroad, the crazy beautiful and sad relationships I've had with men, my experience in fashion.  And

18.  What's the first thing you'll save in a fire/earthquake?
My puppy!!! And then my blackberry! And my MAC. And and and I'm addicted to technology!

19.  Do you pray?
I absolutely pray. It's the one constant in my life.

20.  What was the last thing that made you laugh?
One of my best friends texting me that she found 2 cover girl compacts in her mans bathroom...and that she isn't afraid they belong to another girl...nope, even worse. She thinks he's wearing makeup.  It's been a really hard weekend for both of us, and for some reason, thinking about finding covergirl in my bf's medicine cabinet made me cry laughing.  It's the little things, and good friends that make me smile no matter what.

The Mercurial Wife's notes:  Wine and cheese? Sounds like a plan.  If ever I come to Cali I'll ding ya!  Thank you for the interview Elizabeth! You're a ROCKSTAR!


Skinny Dip said...

oh that's cool, I learned some new things about Liz. I agree she is a total rockstar ;)

Johana Hill said...

Isn't she? I'm totally smitten by her. In a non-lesbian way! ;p

MKL said...

She's simply unbeweavable! :)

Kanwalful said...

I love her. She sounds adorable and is quite the looker too. :)

Midtown Girl said...

I only WISH I could fit a King size bed in my apt!! Love darling Lizzie & a fabulush interview ;-)

Vixations said...

I'm totally smitten by her too. But in a lesbian way. Definitely. Ha! And you have a PUPPY??? And where IS the wine? I wanttttt!! xoxo

Elizabeth Marie said...

Thank you my loooove!!!! :)

undomestic chica said...

Love her and love you too Johana! In a totally non-lesbian way too, of course!

Nashe^ said...

I wish my apartment can store 100 shoes and a king-size. :[

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Marice said...

awww these are cool! thanks for sharing :) wish I could drop by in your place some time :)

Lady Mel said...

"I have yet to meet a guy who can keep up with me sexually (this is not a challenge haha)"

Johanna, uhm dear, did you remember when you told us about that "massage" you got from Honey Lips? :P

Is that your picture? :D So pretty.

What is your puppy's name? Lil Honey Lips? :D

dating diva said...

Hey I just found your blog on I came in on a good day with your whole introductory entry- I loved it! haha and I have also seen every single episode of Law and Order SVU, I am totally addicted!

Keep up with the amazing posts, can't wait to read more :)


Sadako said...

Great interview. Totes agree on the tampon thing too!

Peter's Poison said...

Johana! I love your blog! I am so glad to be a new follower!

Amber said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one who'd grab her Mac if there were a fire. I mean, how else would you tell all of your blogger friends that your house burned down?

Johana Hill said...

Lady Mel That's Lizzy Marie on the picture. Not me! ;p

Peter's Poison Thank you! Will check yours too. ;p

Amber I'd grab my laptop too! Hahahaha

Dating Diva Thank you love! SVU FTW! ;p

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