Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Mercurial Wife Interviews - Who?

I'm breaking my blogging pattern! I was going to wait until Monday to publish this post but I can't contain my excitement any longer!

Remember the blog interview I did of Lizzy Marie from It's Unbeweavable?  Well, I thought of making it a monthly feature! For the slow thinkers - I'm having a monthly blog feature: The Mercurial Wife Interviews.  I even made a button for it.  Check it out.

So who's the interviewee of the month, you ask? Most of you know her.  Some of you even follow her amazing blog.  To most of us, her honesty is like a breath of fresh air; and to a few, it's an annoyance.  Writing for her represents more than just a passing hobby.  She has a...what? Okay! I'll tell you who she is!

Drumroll please....

It's KANWAL from Kanwalful Meets World! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she graciously agreed to sit on the pink chair! Let's get to know her better...

1. What does Kanwal mean?
Kanwal means “Water Lily”. So essentially, I am this one, big, fat, beautiful flower floating aimlessly on water.

2.  When were you born? Date, month and year please.
Why do you want to know? But okay, if you insist. November 1st 1988.
I’m expecting lots of presents, now that I’ve told you guys. And maybe a surprise birthday party or two.

3.  Since when did you want to do a journalism course and why?
I don’t really know. I think some time when I was in the 11th grade. And at that point I only wanted to do it because Journalism meant writing for a living. And since I was in love with writing, doing it for a living seemed awesome.

But now, I think it has a little more meaning attached to it.

4.  Many have accused/accuse you of speaking ill about your own country.  Does it hurt you?
No. Nothing hurts me. Except when the McDonald’s guy lies about delivering the meal in 40 minutes and does it in 60 mins instead.

5.  In some Western countries with Muslims populations, the hijaab has been banned.  Do you think it's a fair law?
Not at all. I STRONGLY advocate freedom of attire. If you are allowed to be naked then you sure as hell should be allowed to NOT be naked.

6.  How important is it to wear a hijaab in Pakistan? To what extent does religion have a bearing on Muslim women to cover their face?It is not important at all to wear a hijaab in Pakistan. There are no laws enforcing it. Maybe in the rural areas women do it more often than in the urban areas, as it is a part of their culture.

But many Muslim women, in the urban areas in Pakistan, CHOOSE to do it because it is, in essence, preserving the dignity of the woman by not making her an object of sexual desire.

I do it because it makes me feel like I have more to give to the world than my beautiful hair or body. And when people pay attention to me despite the fact that I am not looking as physically attractive as ‘xyz’ girl in skinny jeans, I know that it is because I have the brains to rise above a bikini.

7.  You meet the president of the United States.  What is the first thing you'll tell him?
If it is the ex, Bush – I would probably just blow up right there and then. No not literally, you baboons. Verbal suicide bombing. I need to know HOW killing innocent people in Afghanistan – both American soldiers and Afghanis – is War against terror. It is, more appropriately War against Humanity.

If it is Obama I am meeting I would want to know what he has lined up in his “things to do”. And how he and Michelle get along so well. Taking a few relationship tips here and there won’t hurt nobody.

8.  You come face to face with Osama Bin Laden.  What is the first thing you'll tell him?
Dude. What is up with the picture quality? All the videos you send are so blurred. Ever heard of the Canon Vixia HF200? Heck, even cell phone cameras take better videos these days. You need to catch up with the latest technology if you want to get anywhere with your film production.

9.   Describe one positive influence the Western world has brought to Pakistan.
Food? Now we get all kinds of fast food/continental cuisine in Pakistan.

On a more serious note, I think people in Pakistan, especially those in the upper strata of society, are wildly influenced by the Western World and are suffering from irrevocable identity crises.

10.  Describe one positive influence Pakistan has brought to the Western world.
Uh. Um. Food? Now you get biryani and samosas in Chicago!

11.  What makes you utterly happy?
Having McDonalds with Anes (My husband). Big Mac + Anes = Bliss.

12.  Your written English is way beyond 'excellent'.  Who or what do you have to thank for that?
No one. It's all my effort. Okay?

Well, to be honest I used to read a lot. And my mom WAS quite the evil one, when it came to making me work on my written/spoken English.

13.  One regular phrase you over-use?
“You’re a baboon” and “as opposed to”. I say it ALL THE FRICKIN’ TIME.

14.  Have you ever stolen anything? If yes, then what?
Yeah. I stole Anes’ heart. And I am so not giving it back.

15.  Ever thought of writing a book? If yes, then what genre?
I’ve been attempting to write a book since I was ten or eleven. And to be honest, they would be about some girl going through the exact same things in life that I was going through at that stage. And after that stage was over I would pretty much discard the book. But now, I really want to write a book and I do get inspiration and ideas from time to time. I don’t however give them much consideration because they dissipate after a while and if I am going to be writing a book I want to be consistent in it. And write on something that will blow a few minds here and there. I want to write a suicide bomber of a book.

16.  Teach me and your lovely readers a word in Urdu? Make it two words!
“Tu bilkul pagal hai” – means, “you are completely retarded”.

17.  What makes you unique?
Well, I wouldn’t want to brag but I am pretty much above the rest of the human species. I have this sinister, yet miraculous ability to turn people into brainless baboons.

I am kind of working on a project right now, whereby I will use my blog to drain the brains out of ya’all. When I’m done I’ll rule over the world.  And no one will even have the intellectual ability to pull a Sherlock Holmes.

18.  Can I beg you for a picture of your favorite dress or lehnga (is that how it's called?)?
Yes, for sure lovely. Here you go.

This is a GORGEOUS piece by one of the more upscale Pakistani Designers – HSY. I took the picture off his Facebook Page. Obviously the common man a.k.a. moi can never afford such creations because they are outrageously expensive. So all I can do is dream of wearing such a beauty and then get over it.

19.  Have you ever cheated while fasting? Like take a sip of water when no one's watching? ;p
Of course. Hasn’t everyone?

The last time I did it was when I was eleven though. I had just come back from playing volley-ball at school and I could simply NOT resist the temptation of having ice cold water run down my throat. God will forgive me, I think. Because I was really thirsty and small.

20.  Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, then tell us why.
Well not in ghosts per se, but in the super natural. I know for a fact that the world is composed of entities apart from the ones that we actually see and encounter in every day life. I think most of my belief in the supernatural is carved out of the proof given by my religion, about their existence. But I also know lots of people who have had some kind of association/stumbled upon the supernatural beings and that is the cherry on top of my cake of belief.

Interviewer's note:  Kanwal is such a delightful creature and I thank her for being so candid.  It was a pleasure having you on the pink chair Kanwal! ;p Those who are not following her, check out her blog!

And watch the space for the next month issue of The Mercurial Wife Interviews...who will be sitting on the pink chair next?;p


MKL said...

I hope that she's just being sarcastic on some of the issues. I don't know her, that's why some things she says (especially that Bin Laden part) are not funny to me. All in all, good interview, Jo! You did a good job. I like the way you ask questions :)

Kanwalful said...


Anonymous said...

well then maybe you should get to know her MKL. her blog is awesome check it out.

Larissa Wunder said...

Of course we understood that Kanwal was being sarcastic on some subjects! It´s why we love her :)
I thought the Bin Laden part was especially funny :D

Barbara said...

Great interview. She seems like a very honest and interesting person.

Johana Hill said...

MKL and Barbara You guys should read her blog. Then you might understand her unusual sense of humor! ;p

Larissa I was expecting Kanwal to say something like, "Hey Osama, how do you make those bombs? Teach me!" to that question. LMAO. Good thing she didn't! Ha!

Carina the Blogarina said...

Glad to see she was being sarcastic! Lol!!

As a person who lives in a country with MANY Pakistani immigrants it's interesting to hear from the ones who live there as oppose to here. I suspect Pakistanis in Pakistan are more liberal the Pakistanis in Norway.

The hijab debate is an interesting and complicated one. I don't like the hijab because of how it places the responsibility for a man's wondering eye on the woman, and I'm scared to see that now young girls down to the age of 5 is wearing it here in Norway as they are become the frontline of the battle. BUT I will defend people's right to wear it, for the most part anyway.

Claire Marie said...

What an interesting and enlightening take on wearing a hijaab. So many people would benefit from reading your thoughts on this. I really enjoyed your interview and I'll be sure to follow your blog!

Gnetch said...

I love Kanwal's sarcasm. I really do. I have only been following her for a few weeks. She makes me laugh.

Great questions, Johana. I've learned a lot about her culture.

And I think I'll start saying "Tu bilkul pagal hai" all the time to people from now on. Haha!

Johana Hill said...

Carina To me it's ridiculous to ban the Muslim women in Western countries from wearing a hijaab. What you wear, as long as you're decent, shouldn't become an issue. As for the age limit, I'm not sure if there's one. We'll find out from Kanwal. ;p

Thank you Claire Marie! ;p

Hahahaha GnetchTu bilkul pagal hai! LOL

MKL said...

@Johana: Define decent. Western women are also not allowed to wear mini skirts in Saudi Arabia. Why? Because "decent" depends on each culture. We are liberal in Europe, but the long struggle for women's rights made us sensitive to the issue as well. This is really a complex debate, because it involves religion, freedom to express yourself and women's rights. Basically there's no real right here, it all depends on the way you look at the whole problem. Carina said it very well actually. Kudos to her.

@Kanwalful: I CAN HEAR YOU, lol :P No worries. ;)

Tara said...

great interview! very informative. i enjoy the sarcasm!

Johana Hill said...

MKL to me decent is not showing an awesome amount of cleavage and a reasonable skirt/dress length (in workplaces). Otherwise, it doesn't matter what you wear when you go out or just stay at home.

Also, you have a point about the required/recommended/compulsory attire in Saudi Arabia. I didn't think about that. That's food for thought!

B. said...

Great interview! Now I have another blog to stalk, er, read. Bin Laden comment? Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Quite unimpressed. I know for a fact that the consciousness developing amongst Pakistanis because of the socio-political chaos in the country is often trivialized in her blog, often to make room for unnecessary sarcasm.

Rukhpar Mor said...

Ummm, nice hijaab debate.....I really liked the interview...

The burden is actually not placed on the woman from what I have been told....It's her decision to choose to cover her hair...she cannot be forced even under Islamic guidelines....Many women who convert to Islam in Western countries are actually at the forefront in advocating the Hijaab.....

Let's just stick to the interview...I really enjoyed it....

Kanwal, you should open up your own TV channel in'll be a hit!!!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Johana, this monthly interview thing is awesome! Keep it going. Love the pink chair photo. And Love Kanwal's answer about the McDonald's delivery hehe

Kanwalful said...

Awww thank you all so much for appreciating the interview. Ya'all pagal people (crazy people) made me so happy.

MKL, Saudi Arabia is a sacred place for Muslims - especially Mecca where most of the clothing regulations are enforced. It is similar to the rules of attire enforced by the Vatican city for visitors. Every place deserves respect and the nature of respect depends on the culture of the place. Whereas female visitors to Vatican City are disallowed in skirts above the knees/shorts female visitors to sacred locations in Saudi Arabia are disallowed without being covering their heads and wearing dresses up to their ankles.
Also, for perspective, covering the head is not enforced in most cities in Saudi Arabia anymore.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I love the entire interview-Kanwal was so honest and so funny!

Anonymous said...

Great Interview. I came here because of her page :)

TheBigShowAtUD said...

good sarcasm, especially "verbal suicide bombing." ha.

MKL said...

Yes, Saudi Arabia or Vatican, it's all same, you proved my point. I said decent depends on the perspective. What is decent in Amsterdam is something else than Karachi for example, right? So no point arguing who's right about that, different culture, different definitions. :)

The Golden Fool said...

i think the phrase kanwal uses most is 'have a samosa' :p
lovely interview :) and i can't stop mousing-over the pink button :p did you make it yourself?

Kanwalful said...

Absolutely, MKL =)

Anonymous said...

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Skinny Dip said...

I love your interviews! Its a great way to learn about other fabulous bloggers :)

I would be honored someday to "sit in the pink chair" and have you interview me ;)

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