Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home


I'm back but not really back.  

For the first time, I brought Honey Lips home and he's enjoying every single minute of it...sleeping!  Would you believe that? He doesn't feel like going out at all.  I let him spend the day in bed because I know he needs the rest.  

AnyImstokedway, I'm loving every minute of being home and I'll be here for a while.  My old room has been transformed and I won't feel comfy until Honey Lips leaves.  I'm not used to having my old bedroom shared with someone else, especially a man! 

Whispers: Every time we have sex it feels so 'forbidden'! And our sex life kinda hit the roof! It's like having sex while your parents are like 3 dozen feet away.  Total bliss! Like yeah mom, I'm having sex in your house and you can't say shit!  Boo ya!

I'll miss my Honey Lips when he goes away.  I'll join him whenever everything gets sorted out.  However, I must admit I'll be glad to be on my own for a while.  Since HL and I met we haven't spent one night apart.  Romantic, huh? Not really.  After a while, the craving to be single for at least 24 hours eats at you like fish nibbling on soggy bread.  

I have more things to say but I think one of my cousins will be here any minute.  

Before I leave, please know I miss you all my beautiful people.

I can't wait to read all of y'all blogs.  It'll be a while but I'll catch up.

Don't I always? ;p


Bruno said...

:) you are currently in heaven it seems ;)

Johana Hill said...

Hehehehe...in more ways than one eh? *cheeky grin*

Kanwalful said...

I be mad at you Mrs. MIA. Or should I say miss.

Harley said...

Have fun bonking in your parent's house! Don't be good!

the girl in stiletto said...

lolness. how thin is the wall. or thick. whichever suits you :p

Jewels Diva® said...

Well hurry up and get back home, I miss your comments on my blog! :(

NeuroChiq said...

True, no matter how much I love a man, it's beneficial to be single or alone at times. Makes the love healthier! =)

Enjoy your time at "home"!

MKL said...

Oh I know where you guys are, I have spies from there, maybe someone will be peeping through your room's window and report to me :P

Have fun in paradise! :) Missed you.

Skinny Dip said...

Where is "Home" for you?

Have fun & enjoy all the secretive sex ;)

Christina In Wonderland said...

I totally shot fluids out of my nose when I read the italicized statements. I totally wouldn't have the nerve to have sex in my parents house. Lol. But enjoy your devilish time. :)

Snafugirl said...

It's like having sex while your parents are 3 dozen feet away haha

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