Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Fingers Itch!

Okay.  Here goes.  I'll be making some changes up in this motherbitcher of  a blog!

I know some of you think that it's crazy - that I'm crazy - to keep changing templates and all but did you know that I get bored easily? Like, how I hate routines or staring at the same thing every day? *shudders*

And then I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with some of the bloggers out there.  I won't mention names now but after the complete layout-haulage, I'll publish a special post.  Just know that you guys are my source of inspiration.  I swear.

Plus, Christina gave me an award! Again, it'll come up in the next post.

Sorry for not linking right now but my fingers are itching!

I need gloves!


P.S: Check out my Twitter profile! I put up a real picture of me but it's cropped! It's not Christmas yet, guys! Ha! Anyway, I'll take the pic down by the end of this week.  Go on...;p


LovelyBee said...

I was expecting a full pictuee of your FACE! Lol you had me going there :). I get what you mean... I change my layout all the time; I can't seem to find something I'd like to stick to for FOREVER! Does that mean I have commitment issues?

Kanwalful said...

Jo! I need a blog makeover too! Get on it woman!!! =P

the girl in stiletto said...

i am even thinking about changing my blog address. for some reason.... sigh. i'll wait for the new change :)

Gnetch said...

I just made some changes on my blog too!! You're gonna take down your Twitter profile pic? Why? I like it! :)

MKL said...

I can't wait for your next masterpiece. This and the previous one were already great. I wonder what's gonna be next :) I've also done minor changes on my blog, made it neater and user friendlier :D

Carina the Blogarina said...

Aww.. I love this template you have now :) I'm sure I'll love the next one to! Why are your fingers itching?? Like really itching or is this some expression I'm unfamiliar with? Lol random fact: My toes often itch and drive my craaaazy!

Danaconda said...

Though this setup is nice, nothin wrong with changing it up. For instance today I was going to write about a girl, but instead I ended up ranting about my weiner. Isn't life just sooo unpredictable? Haha.

Anonymous said...

I love change. Especially pretty changes. DO IT!!!

Christina In Wonderland said...

Ha. Changes... man, you guys need to stop being so indecisive and stuff.

And if your fingers itch, lotion tends to help. If it's dry skin anyway. I dunno what to do if it's anything else... :/

I feel kind of useless about these things.

Johana Hill said...

Lovely Bee I definitely think it's to do with commitment! Ha!

Kanwal I'm stuck at the moment! :(

the girl in stiletto I toyed with idea of changing the blog URL but then I said to myself: stick to the design layout and don't worry about the URL. LOL

Gnetch Thank you! I'll take it down next week then. Just for you. ;p

MKL I started the new design with enthusiasm...and now I feel deflated...don't know why...

Carina It means I'm restless. At least I think so. ;p

Danaconda I got loads of catchin up tp do. I'll reach to your erm..weiner soon...:P

Lady of The Manor Thanks. I WILL! ;p

Christina You are indecisive too! HA!

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