Friday, September 3, 2010

Speed Kills!

Sometime last week:

"You know where is the new post office?", my dad asked me.

"Uh...I think?".  I didn't know, of course.

"Okay.  Well the post office's been moved to X.  Tomorrow can you please go pick up this letter for me?".  He showed me a Pick-Up note from the post-office.

"Will they give it to me? It's got your name on it?", I said with a frown.

"Of course.  Just take your ID with you", he nodded.

"Okay.  I'll go tomorrow". I agreed.

The following morning:

"I'll go to the post-office on my way to work", my mum said.

"Good.  Okay", I acquiesced.

"There's food for you to eat.  Just heat it.  Okay? I'm off."  My mum waved me good-bye.

Same day, in the afternoon:

"Look what's in there!" My mum pointed to the open envelope.  "Your father will be happy.  Your brother will be happier!"

"Oh? 'Me see...." I pulled the letter from the envelope and....OMG!

A speeding ticket!!

I checked the date and time and what do you know? My dad had the car on that famous day! My mum and I started to crack up.  My dad came home an hour later and, "Congratulations! You must be so proud of yourself, you who can't stop lecturing us about speed and all! Ha!" I cackled.

3 hours later:

"Guess what? Check this out.  Dad's got a prize!", I handed the letter to my brother.

"Really? Let me see...".  He was excited! "Oh! Where is he?".  Upon seeing my dad, my brother laughed and with a fatherly tone, said, "How many times have I told you not to speed! Speed kills!"


B. said...

That's great!! I get "warnings" all the time for running tolls. Not on purpose of course! No, never on purpose! I love the picture that always comes with the warning.

Carina the Blogarina said...

Don't you just love it when your parents slip up?? lol

Gnetch said...

LMAO!! Speed kills. This is so funny! When I saw the title, I thought this would be about something serious. And I thought you were referring to the illicit "speed" drug.

Gosh, I think I need more sleep. :)

MKL said...

Lol! This should be made into a sitcom :P

Christina In Wonderland said...

I totally can't nag my Dad for speeding, because he does it all the time. And I, uh, kind of do to. It's a family trait. :) Or maybe just a Southern thing. I'm not sure yet.

Harley said...

Frame it and stick it on the wall. My friend has his first speeding ticket framed and hung on the wall and it's a good conversation starter!

Anonymous said...

ah... l want to make a funny comment but recently attended a 'Driver Rehabilitation Day' for being caught speeding. *Sigh*. Never again will l travel at speed...

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