Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sex Faces

I was 8 or 9 years old and I remember the first thought that crossed my mind when I met one of my teachers was how would he look in his underwear?  And I had this clear image of him in a brown speedo (of all things!) and I couldn't stop giggling! Well, yeah, I was a damn precocious child!

Then I reached my 16th birthday.  Everything changed.  Well, not every thing but let's just say my thoughts took a slight diversion.  Instead of underwear, I wonder about sex faces.  Yes, faces/expressions you make while having sex.  When I meet someone for the first time, I think of sex.  That sounds bad, isn't it?  I don't want to sex you up.  No.  Far from that.  Here's how it goes in my head when I come across a stranger:

My inside-my-head-voice - if it's a man:  Mmm, he's not bad.  I wonder how he looks like when he's having sex? Does he moan? Or does he say dirty things to his partner while riding him or her? What expressions does he make when he's about to cum? He looks like the mouth-open-tongue-out-type...I wish I were a fly on the wall or wherever he happens to be when he gets his groove on...

If it's a woman:  Mmm, nice boobies (I get turned on by luscious boobies...ssshhh!).  Does she like to be on top? This one looks like she moans like the French.  You know, like sensual, low-pitched, howling sounds.  What facial expressions does she make? Will she look ugly when her vaggie's getting invaded? Does she pant like a licking dog?

And on and on it goes...I try to picture 'em in several positions and mind you, I don't get turned on; it's just a lazy hobby I've freakishly picked up while watching too much porn for the last 8 months! Gah..

I know I look ugly when I moan and groan during intercourse.  Honey Lips told me once, post-intercourse, that my face is weird when he's riding me.  I always end up with a tear-stained face though.  What about ya?


Skinny Dip said...

Yayyyyy! You're back!!!!

I try not to think about what I look like when I'm having sex...I think if I did I'd start to feel self conscious! I did date a guy who, right before he came would turn beet red & his eyes would roll back into his head...that was a bit weird but, at least I knew he was enjoying himself...A LOT.

Please keep blogging. I've missed you.

Gnetch said...

I missed you!!!!!!!!

Thinking about sex faces? I thought I was the only one who does that. hahahahaha.

Jewels Diva® said...

You dirty bitch,lol.

Nice to know I wasn't the only one thinking about sex at such a young and tender age!

Johana Hill said...

I miss you too girlies!! :D

Sweta said...

Oh BOY..this makes me feel less lonely :D it's not just me after all :D

Johana Hill said...

And here I thought I was the only one...hehehe

Sweta said...

It's amazing how many "me too"s you get when you put your thoughts out there :)

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