Thursday, February 25, 2010

For Bitter or For Worse

One of my cherished dreams came true today but it is 10 years late.  When it no longer matters...When I've moved on...When I'm happy...again...

Ain't life great? **insert a snicker right here please**

Yep...just great...!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh no. Life is such a lil trickster. This is cheesy, and Im fully aware that you might not want to be bff now, BUT what about your new dreams?

Kill me. i know.

Johana Hill said...

How about a hug? 'Cause to me you're like celebrity! No jokes. I have new dreams but I can't help but ask myself why didn't it happen when I used to dream about it?

Thanks hun! You put a smile on my face just saying something...xx0xx0xx

undomestic chica said...

Congratulations on it coming true even if it wasn't in the time-frame you wanted!

Johana Hill said...

So true that I think about it my heart feels lighter..thank you ;p

Jessica Druck said...

life is funny that way!

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