Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Daytime Fantasy Was Brusquely Interrupted

I'm in my late twenties and yes I still look at young boys! College boys of legal-age.  Boys who know what to do with a vagina or even know how she looks like, been inside one.  In short, mature, good-looking boys.

I woke up early this morning because of a crazy, half-senile lady.  Then I had to go and check on someone else.  Nothing sexual.  Just business.  I don't cheat on Honey Lips.  Not physically at least. (What?!) Anyimmovingonway, I was looking through the window out on the porch when I saw this cool dude in his college uniform (undergrad student) walking with this hey-look-at-me-i'm-so-hot-swagger and oh! boy he was hot.

Of course I'm staring and he wasn't aware of my ogling session.  He was listening to his iPod and looking straight ahead.  He couldn't see me from where he was.  At this time in the morning, there's not much traffic or people walking about besides some rowdy school kids proudly demonstrating how well their parents lack in parenting skills.  I're not like that.

Despite the age-gap between Hot Boy and me being less and no greater than 10 years, I felt like a sex-starved cougar who's ready to pounce at any given minute when the most unexpected thing happened.

He started digging his nose, looked at the yucky boogerice and flicked it!  In public.  I know how important it is to have your nose uncluttered of booger but doing it in a public place? No fuck-me way!  That's a huge turn-off in my can-only-look-at-them book.  Any book for that matter.  If he were a 5 year-old I would understand but an almost grown-up youth who's eaten a vaggie before (it was written all over his face!)?

My daytime fantasy came to abrupt end right there and then.

And I flicked the curtain close and left.  The End.

What are your turn-offs?


LiLu said...

Vommmmmmmmmmmmm. Who does that? In PUBLIC? After age 7? Grody.

undomestic chica said...

Disgusting. The only thing worse would have been if he adjusted his package and picked a wedgie all at he same time. (Yes, he would have to grow a 3rd arm.)

Living with Balls said...

Perhaps if he knew an older woman was drooling over him, he would have been more careful.

Skinny Dip said...

Oh god. That guy sure knows how to kill a fantasy!

I have many, many many that I had to make a complete list! HA. You can read about it here:

PS. I LOVE your blog. Your honesty & your writing style = AWESOME!

Johana Hill said...

I will check out your post Skinny Dip and thank you so much. ;p

Nuke Girl said...

Wowza. I think in general any 5 year-old behavior of a man is a huge turn-off. That's pretty awesome, though, he'd be so mortified if he knew that some chick was secretly drooling over him, saw him pick his nose, and then went and wrote a scathing little blurb about him in her blog for all the world to read. Mwahahahaaa! :)

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