Friday, March 5, 2010

I Am Flu-tilicious!

I think I'm coming down with something.  

Dry coughs and a sore throat.  Plus my body temperature is soaring minute by minute.

It's ugly.  

Anyhopeigetbettersoonway, I'll try posting something tonight or tomorrow!

Happy Friday to you all and have a great week-end!


Stacy said...

I got the flu my senior year in college and seriously almost died. I had to go to the emergency room one night and was absent from classes for TWO weeks. Fo reals, if I had lived in the days of the Oregon Trail, I woulda been dead by day 3. No doubt about it! It was terrible. So hope it's NOT that! And get well soon!

Johana Hill said...

Honey Lips stocked the fridge with OJ and Lucozade. Hopefully it's not that serious!

Brittney said...

I just came across your blog as I saw that you gave AgyTalks the Beautiful Blogger award- you're cracking me up on the Amtrak ride from NYC to Boston right now! I hope you feel better- I just wanted to say THANKS for making me laugh. I am now a follower :) xoxo

Johana Hill said...

Hi Brittney! Was checking your Google profile and couldn't find a link for your blog. You can't follow me without me following you back! ;p

And I'm happy I'm making you laugh.

God did you hear that? I make people laugh. YOU better keep a spot for me in heaven! ;p

AuntBT said...

There is a virus going around that half the people I know have had. It's affecting people different, it's similar to the flu but it's not. Either nasal or stomach, but every doctor has said it's just a virus not the flu. Hope you feel better soon!

Annika said...

Oooh sound like what I have, it don't last long. Just remember, all things must pass!
Happy weekend chica and rest, rest, rest!

Supia Chao said...

I am down with flu, cough and sore throat too.. Get well soon..

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