Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Brain Dead...

I'm still sick. Looks like it's getting worse.  

My sense of humor, as well as my brain, is on lock-down.  

I'm thinking of doing a second installment of the Blogger SOS series later.

If you have any HTML-related queries drop me a line in the comment box below.  

I reiterate: I'm not an HTML/CSS expert but I'm willing to help those who need it.  You don't have to pay me.  It's free. Remember I'm trying to purge my sins and that's my way of sucking up to the Big Guy.  

So yes, go ahead and hit me with your questions.  

And a big hello to my new followers.  Welcome to my blog.  I'm sick.  Have you got any homemade cures to get rid of phlegms?  Please share if you do have.  I hate taking pills or syrup.  Thank you.

My old followers, pitch in too and share whatever remedies you're aware of.  

I'm going to have a cup of bush (herbal) tea.

Enjoy your week!


EmWampach said...

Sorry to hear you not feeling well! I tend to go for lemon and honey in hot water. Sooths the throat and seems to do the trick. Also if you have a bit of a stuffy nose put a tea spoon of Vicks in a bowl of HOT water, put your head over the bowl and cover with a towel. Seems those nostril monsters away!:)

hope you feel better soon!


EmWampach said...

oo i have a new project im working on, let me know if you want to be part of it.

Johana Hill said...

Strangely, my nose is not blocked at all! But I'll try the lemon and honey remedy.

Of course I'll check out your new project! ;p

Blue~Flame said...

go for hot tea with ginger.

Annika said...

So the tequila didn't work huh?... Ok, try sambuca! Just kidding (sorta).

Oh I have a fun trick for you, if you are coughing a lot during the night. Before bed rub a big dollop of Vics Vaporub on your feet and then put on socks. Helped me!

Johana Hill said...

Blue Flame I'll try that too. Thanks!

Annika I'm sniffing VapoRub since Saturday...makes me want to eat

AuntBT said...

I second the tea with honey idea. However, I'll add in going for a run (or brisk walk). Strange enough but it helps your head and sinuses feel better. Hope you feel better!

Juliana said...

Feel better lady! Well maybe you can help me. I click on that freaking button EVERY time to be notified of follow up comments on peoples blogs and never get them. LAME. Cannot wait to get my own domain.

Anyhoo-I am so sorry that you are sickly. I cannot take anything when I get sick because of my ticker so I have become an expert (or so I think) of the natural stuff!

Cold Calm -go buy it
Shower Soothers

According to Hoda on the TODAY show you are supposed to cover your feet in VICKS and put shoes on overnight--I dunno I think she has been doing too much clubbing but I have read some research that it helps night time coughing. Hoda also drank warm dr. pepper?!!?

Andhari said...

Feel better soon :) hot tea might help!:)

Tina said...

I'm jumping on the tea/honey/ginger bandwagon. I have these ginger/honey crystals that I like to drink. It sort of burns--in a soothing way.

Nuke Girl said...

I'm sorry you're still not feeling well! I'm a pill-poppin' syrup-drinkin' kind of girl, so I can't help in the natural rememdies department, sorry. :(

I still can't figure out why my LinkWithin widget is showing other people's posts instead of my own? Hubby showed me how to find the code like you suggested, and it looks right, so I'm still mystified.

And no, I don't mind you asking, ask me anything you like! Hubby is NOT in the military at all, just me. (thank God. I could never be married to someone else in the military!)

Get better! :)

André Leech said...

Mix Ginger and Coke together. Cures anything anytime. Of course I exaggerate but it does work most of the time

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this sounds weird, but my mom always made us hot Tang (you know, the orange drink mix?) with honey. It actually tastes sooo good when you are sick and seriously soothes. I think she would make like a coffe-cup full of Tang, heat it up HOT, and a good, heaping teaspoon of honey. Hope it helps- and hope you feel better QUICK!!

MKL said...

I slowly recovered, still cough a bit. It was almost 2 weeks of an annoying flu just when I arrived in Taiwan. Now I'm fine, but guess what? I have a cold sore... just before an impending job interview O_o Niceeeee....

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