Monday, April 26, 2010

The Cheater Gets Cheated

I jumped up from my bed as soon as I heard Honey Lips lightly knocked on the door.  I usually lock all the doors after 9 p.m.  He is back.  He went to buy us dinner (KFC's Zingers and French Fries).  As soon as I opened the door, he breathlessly said, "Here you go, hun.  I can't believe she brought another man here."

"Who? What?", I was confused.

"Stupid Girl.  I just met the man downstairs.  I can't believe it", he answered, shaking his head.

Now you must be wondering who is Stupid Girl.  Yes it's time for another dramatic story.

Okay.  So Stupid Girl is about 19 years old but look older than me (I'm in my late 20s, for visualization's sake) and goes to high school.  Her boyfriend is married and she doesn't mind Mr High Cock's marital status.  Mr High Cock is renting the apartment on the floor below ours for $1800 per month.  He pays for everything.  Basically, Stupid Girl is a kept woman.

"That bitch!  Mr. O told me about Stupid Girl seeing someone else but I couldn't believe it.  Now I know for sure.  I want to tell Mr. High Cock but --", he hissed.  (Mr. O is a mutual friend of Honey Lips and Mr. High Cock.)

"Oh no! It's not your business.  Do not get involved", I cut him off.

"Anyway Mr High Cock deserves it", I added.

"What?", Honey Lips shouted.  "Are you crazy? The man put her in a rented apartment and is paying everything for her and now she's cheating on him."

"Huh? Stupid Girl is cheating on Mr. High Cock.  So what?  Mr. High Cock is cheating on his wife too.  You disrespect one woman, you get disrespected by another.  Period", I angrily exclaimed.

You realize that it's the start of a fight between Honey Lips and I?

"So you're saying it's alright for Stupid Girl to cheat on Mr. High Cock?", HL asked me.

"Well yes.  He deserves it", I self-righteously bit back.

"You don't do that.  When the man is paying your bills, you don't go behind his back with another man", he defensively argued.  "You don't know about these things because you're inexperienced in this matter."

"What has my inexperience got to do with this?", I fumed. "He's getting what he deserves.  Karma is a bitch."

"How can you say that? You didn't hear what I say? The man gave her a house, paying her bills and you think it's right for her to fuck someone else?", HL agitatedly asked.  "It's like you're telling me two wrongs make a right."

"I never said she was right! But what do you expect from a woman who willingly entered into a relationship with a married man? I'm not surprised to hear she's cheating on her married lover.  That's all", I lashed out.

And for the next 10 minutes, we fought (or debated as Honey Lips later corrected) back and forth over moral values, different cultures, deceptive women, chauvinist/sexist men, age gap etc.  You get the gist right?

"Anyway, I don't care what you tell me.  You have to get back to the 21st century.  I may be inexperienced but I'm a woman.  What's wrong if Stupid Girl is getting attention from someone else while Mr. High Cock is busy with the wifey? It's not like Mr. High Cock is doing good by the wifey", and I then let out a deep breath, and started getting ready for bed.

"You wouldn't understand.  It's useless talking about it", Honey Lips gibed. 

I disdainfully hmph-ed and went to my side of the bed.

"Come here", he opened his arms wide.  "I love you.  You're a decent woman", he cajoled.

"Huh, I'll prove your theory wrong.  Ask any woman from my generation and they'll tell you the same thing", I pushed forward.

"Okay", he sighed.

"Goodnight", and I turned my attention towards the TV and fell asleep.  With a vague thought, "I love him despite his sexist ass."

What's your take?


Kate said...

I'm with you, girl! Mr High Cock deserves what's coming to him.

Kate x

Lady Mel said...

"You don't do that. When the man is paying your bills, you don't go behind his back with another man", he defensively argued. "You don't know about these things because you're inexperienced in this matter."

So much fail in that sentence. If the man wasn't married and was paying the apartment and bills, then something is wrong with the woman. Since he is cheating on his wife and his mistress is cheating on him, they are both douchebagging whores. End of story.

Tell your husband that. ;P Yes, us 21 st century women will tell you the same shit. :)

lovelyviolet5 said...

Well I'm with you darling!Men sometimes are totally pigs!So what you give is what you get!Shakira said so!!xo xo!!

Luke said...

From a male perspective, the 19 year old can do what she wants here. Doesn't matter who's paying the bills. If Mr. High Cock is getting with Mrs. High Cock on the side, why can't she look for some extra action?

Carina the Blogarina said...

I'm couldn't agree with you more! It's not about two wrongs making a right, it's about how Mr.HC isn't entitled to expect anything else.He is doing wrong by his wife, but he is doing wrong by Stupid Girl to. It's not very respectful to treat a woman as a prostitute, no mater how excepted "sugar daddies" have become. If he pays her in cash, or in an apartment is irrelevant. Allowing her to be his mistress is disrespectful, if he cared he wouldn't put her in that place, even if she is a willing participant. Also, he is enabling her ability to take care of herself..I could go on and on. Point is, he is an ahole and as such he can't expect to be treated as a descent person or get any sympathies. Period.

And now I'm curios, is HL a different generation then you?

Johana Hill said...

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Johana Hill said...

Thank you ladies! And Luke!

Carina Honey Lips is 12 years older than me! ;p

Lady Mel said...

12 years older? He's old school ;S.

the girl in stiletto said...

high cock totally gets what he deserves. who gives shit about what he paid. it's like... giving him taste his own medicine. pfttt.

Jewels Diva® said...


You two have quite some arguments...oh wait...debates, don't you,lol.

High Cock has a kept woman, er, girl on the side and if she wants more good for her. He can go fuck himself if he's not happy.

Gnetch said...

He deserves to be cheated.

Karma is a bitch.

That's all.

Susie Q said...

Your life's like a soap opera, isn't it! :)

He's getting exactly what he deserves; he's cheating so it's only right that he should feel what his wife would. It's not a guy's right to be a sleazebag. Whether or not he's paying for her living is not the point at all. I do think that when he finds out, he's got the absolute right to stop the relationship and cut her off. But he has no right for the moral upper hand.

Kar-ma mothafukaaaaaaaaas!


Elizabeth Marie said...

I want to be a fly on your fabulous wall! :)

Ok, I agree with you!!!! He's not walking on water, he sucks.

Kanwalful said...

I TOTALLY agree with you. Mr. HC totally deserves whatever Stupid Girl is doing to him. In fact I applaud stupid girl for giving him what he truly deserves. I hope she starts dating another three four men more. And he never realizes till he gets bankrupt and his wife finds out, throws him out of the house and he's left wife-less and girl-friendless and homeless on the middle of the street. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Johana on this one! If cheating, the cheater deserves to be cheated on. What goes around, comes around. Mr. High Cock shouldn't be paying for everything for his girl on the side anyway. He should stick to the commitment he made with his wife.

Johana Hill said...

Thank you for y'all opinions! My husband is telling me my generation is wrong! The nerve of him! Anyway I'll take care of him. You lot deserve a big hug from me! xoxox

Magpie said...

Look, Mr. High Cock is not being forced to pay for this girl. He pays her bills and rent because I'm assuming it's more convenient for him to have her there where he can get his bit on the side without any major drama or inconvenience.

His paying her rent and bills does not mean he owns her, it just means that he's an idiot. Who is cheating on his wife. With a girl who is definitely not as stupid as her name suggests.

If he's prepared to pay for her so she'll be his bit on the side, then that's well and good. It's a completely separate issue to the cheating thing. As I said before - just because he's a fool with his money does not mean that 1) she is MAKING him pay for her or 2) he owns her.

And she is perfectly entitled to cheat on him. He's cheating, isn't he? The money is a SEPARATE ISSUE. I don't see Honey Lips' perspective on this, I'm sorry!

Harini said...

I agree with you.If someone is ready to sleep with someone who is married she has no morals. So, it shouldnt be all that shocking if she cheats.

Lariats and Lavender said...

My take, honestly, is that this girl is doing the wrong thing. First of all, getting involved with a married man - knowing he's married - makes her just as bad as he is.

Living with/near him, taking his money, etc. is also bad, for that very reason.

But cheating on him makes her no better than he is. If she doesn't want him, if he isn't leaving his wife, SHE should get a job/get money and pay her own way. But anyway, my vote stands for she's definitely doing the wrong thing and should not cheat on this guy.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm new to the characters in this real life drama, so I don't really get the context. I chafe at using a morality or right/wrong paradigm.

I think I agree with you in essence that if Mr. HC has Mrs. HC, then there's no reason why SG can't have more than one bloke. She's not beholden to him and neither is he to her. He -wants- to pay her bills and her rent- then that's his doing, right? The affair has nowt to do with it.

I must ask- why do you call her Stupid Girl? And why is he High Cock?
What makes her a stupid girl? And him high cock?


Hater Von G said...

I'm with you. Karma is a bitch, and that's the only point that needs to be made. He had it coming, because he's cheating AND because you'd have to be a serious idiot if you'd think the 'other woman' is likely to stay loyal.


Sadako said...

I don't think there is any right or wrong in this situation. Both Mr. High Cock and Stupid Girl are pretty messed up--I think they deserve each other.

MKL said...

I'm totally on your side. Paying for stuff doesn't make you better, that's like such a backwards thinking. Cheating is cheating, it's disgusting, appalling and there's no moral justification for doing it. If High Cock had balls, he'd divorce his wife and find another woman or girl. Most cheaters don't have balls.

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