Thursday, May 13, 2010

And The Saga Continues...

Warning:  This post is quite long but oh! so read-worthy!

I was standing by the window, looking at Honey Lips questioningly.

"Bring the duplicate keys for downstairs please", he asked.

I shrugged.  "Hold on, I'm coming up", he then added.

He went by his father to ask him for the duplicate keys for downstairs.  On his way down, Honey Lips excitedly said, "High Cock wants to get in but Stupid Girl locked the door from inside."

Now you remember High Cock and Stupid Girl, right my dearest darlings?  Remember how I told you that High Cock is renting the flat on the level below mine?  That flat belongs to my father in-law.  

I followed Honey Lips downstairs where he and High Cock were trying to get the door open.  I then heard, "Don't let him come inside!"

That was Stupid Girl shouting at her cousin who was with her in the flat.  High Cock angrily sat on the patio table and shaking his head.  "Wait for another 5-10 minutes and then you try again", Honey Lips whispered to High Cock.

Then he came to me and said, "Let's go on the ground floor."  Once on the ground floor, "What's happening?", I impatiently asked HL.

"Stupid Girl went to TV Woman and told her that High Cock rented a flat for her too!", Honey Lips explained.  "She went by TV Woman's house and caused a scene."

Now you're wondering who's TV Woman, huh?  Well she's another mistress of High Cock, who works for a local TV channel.  HC pays her rent (actually HC has 3 mistresses, plus the wife and have all of them in separate paid-for dwellings) and just bought her a car.  

"Then High Cock found out that Stupid Girl is not going to school. He gives her money everyday for traveling and food expenses.  He recently bought 700-dollar-worth of school books for her", Honey Lips told me.

We went back to the flat and Honey Lips and High Cock managed to get the door open.  HC went in and closed the door.



We could hear High Cock beating SG and both of them cussing at each other.  It went on for about 30 minutes!

Suddenly High Cock left.  Sobbingly, Stupid Girl started swearing and every minute kept on slamming doors. Her aunt came and tried to appease her.  SG wouldn't hear any of it.  She kept on banging doors. 

Honey Lips called the aunt aside and warned her, "Tell her to stop banging the doors.  My father doesn't want this kind of drama in his place."  But SG wasn't listening to anyone and all she was saying was, "Tell HC I'll get crazy on his ass.  I'll kill him.  Go tell him that."

Aunty said, "Stupid Girl is still a child.  She's 16.  That's what HC gonna get from a child.  She doesn't know how lucky she is.  Her mother is poor and now a man is taking care of her and she had to go and mess it all up.  You know how many girls would kill for an opportunity like this? She needs to focus on her studies.  She has it easy."

Then The Maid piped in, "If a man is paying my bills I'll work harder.  I won't mess up like this!"  And on and on, The Maid and Aunty carried on while Honey Lips would occasionally add his two cents.  

OH.  MY. GOD.  Where are they from? This is an opportunity? Having a married man as your boyfriend is a freakin' opportunity? SG is poor, so what?  That doesn't excuse her promiscuity! Education is bloody free in this country.  You don't need a man to support your education.  Stupid Girl is an okayish-pretty girl to my standard.  She can find jobs and study simultaneously.  How many poor people managed/manage to get out of the rut without wrecking someone else's home?! And don't let me get started on High Cock! He's fucking a 16-year-old so he can't expect much from her, can he?  She's a friggin' child, who knows how to suck cock and open her legs but feels too ashamed to put on a school uniform.  Because she knows she'll get laughed at, not because she can't hang out with high-schoolers.  Bloody excuse if you ask me. Dang!

While the three of them were pouring out their opinions and SG viciously lashing her anger on the doors, I was screaming inside my head, "I'm a celebrity...Get me the fuck out of here! Fuck, I need a bloody cigarette!"


Kate said...

Flip! What a crazy life some people do lead. I can't believe they called it an opportunity! It's so ridiculously wrong: if you didn't laugh you'd cry.

Kate x

Just B. said...

Crazyyyyy! Such drama! At least it's free entertainment? Maybe?

Hater Von G said...

This is all real business? GOOD LORD!

Gnetch said...

I must say, they should be in a reality show. Or something. Hehe.

the girl in stiletto said...

You should start a weekly installment (or daily if you have the time to do so) about "Keeping Up with The Stupid Cock" good title, yes? =D

Nuke Girl said...

Dear God, this is the best drama installment I've heard yet! Maybe HL should find some classier friends?? Seems like you two are always caught in the middle of everyone else's bullshit!

I agree with Kate up there... if you didn't laugh, you'd have to cry.

Johana Hill said...

Kate I was half-angry and half-glad if you ask me. Angry that Stupid Girl was breaking things inside and happy that High Cock is getting what he deserves.

Just B. Oh yes! It is free. Hahahaha

Hater Von G As real as the air you breathe. *SMH* It does sound unreal though, doesn't it?

Gnetch And I bet people would pay to watch it too! LOL Intense!

the girl in stiletto I love the title! LMAO. I'll update you guys anytime! ;p

Nuke Girl HL has classier friends but they suck too. With their holier/richer-than-thou asses. HL got no real friends here save for one or two. Almost all of them are damn opportunists. When you're up everyone hollers and when you're down they stuck up their nasty nose atcha!

Jewels Diva® said...


They all sound like a bunch of inbreds who need to move away so they stop breeding with each other.

MKL said...

Oh. My. God.

I wonder how can you bear all that? I mean not only what happened here, but the things before and also what may happen in the future?

V said...

LMAO! I am new to your blog, found you through you following mine! But can I just say, that you are flippin hillarious! So looking forward to yur funny posts.

Artistocrat said...

whoa. that is seriously scary. SG's life i mean o_o i agree with JewelsDiva, where DO you live?

oh and yes, just started following your blog :) love it :) my non-workaholic husband was busy working today so i was free all morning and read all your posts since feb :D

Johana Hill said...

Jewels I live somewhere between North America and South America! LOL

MKL I go into shock mode anytime something like this happens. It infuriates me too. And I don't think I'll be able to get used to the way of living here.

V Thank you sweetheart! Love your blog too pretty thing! ;p

Aristocrat Aww that's sweet! Thank you! ;p

Kanwalful said...

You have retards living around you missy! ;)

LA Idiot said...

16? Is that her real age or just a general term for a young girl? There are so many things wrong here, but why is this dude with a 16 year old girl (or someone who could mistaken for 16)?!?!?!?!

Sara said...

Wait a second. Where is this guy paying for school and living expenses? And can I have his number?

You're going to be posting on my blog for the blogswap thing! Can't wait to see what you've got! : )

Andhari said...

Having someone paying for you is an opportunity?

You're right, where are these people come from with their backward thinking? I live in freakin Asia and even we don't think like that anymore.

Magpie said...

Ummm... where I come from you go to jail for having sex with a 16 year old girl. It's called constitutional rape.

Also 1. She's a child 2. I can't believe HL was actually sticking up for HC in the last chapter of this saga and even more so knowing SHE'S A CHILD and 3. somebody should adopt her and get her out of that pit of snakes. What on earth is her aunt teaching her?!

Johana Hill said...

Andhari I think I'm living in Promiscuity Island!

Magpie We thought she was at least 18 but when this saga happened, her aunt let out that SG is 16! It's apparently the norm here. It seems to not bother anyone really. Plus, there are many Stupid Girls out here. Sad!

Magpie said...


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Wow. Oh My...So much drama. And gosh, I home High Cock gets his karma. Does the wife know about all the other women her in husband's life? As for SG she needs to get her act together, go to school and find a decent part time job.

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

And this would be exactly why I went to college! So I could take care of myself and not have to depend on the whims of a stupid boy :)

Found your blog through Snafu's. Going to take a look around! *offers to shake hands*

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