Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 Cat And A Baby - That's All I Want!

"I want a cat!", I shrieked at Honey Lips.

He calmly replied, "You can't handle two pussies!"

What is wrong with him? I swear sometimes he drives me up the wall because he takes everything as a joke.  

I mean I really, really want a cat!  A feline (other than myself...hahaha) who I'll take care of.  Someone who'll listen to me when no one is around.  Don't mind I'm scared of cats.  That'll give me an opportunity to face my fear (one of many) and pat myself on the back.  

Also, I think owning a kitten is a great way for me to prepare for motherhood, don't ya think?

So why don't you get pregnant? I hear you.

I'm having difficulty conceiving right now.  Well I had two prior miscarriages and now it looks like the Lady Eggs are definitely on a strike.  Click on that link and you'll know more.  

You smoke too much!

*gasps*  You bish! I don't.  A few times maybe but I'm trying to stop puffing.  Now I can't quit cold turkey, can I?  It's so hard.  It's imp...

Oh! Stop with all your shitty excuses! You friggin' want a baby so stop smoking Madre Dios!

Okay.  Okay.  I will.  I promise. I swear.

But I still want a cat...?


Lady Mel said...

"He calmly replied, "You can't handle two pussies!"

Wooo. Hold it there. HE can't handle two pussies! :P

Had to correct him right there. hehe.

Gnetch said...

Haha! Hope you get a cat and a baby soon! How long have you been married?

Johana Hill said...

Lady Mel I was in torment to even think of a riposte but yes HE can't handle two! LOL

Gnetch We've been married for a year now but been living together for 5 years! ;p

B. said...

"He calmly replied, "You can't handle two pussies!"

Ha! I agree with Lady Mel!

lovelyviolet5 said...

Hope doll you have your baby soon but I'm not that fan of cats!!!I hate hairs all over the plase!And when you are pregnant your doctor will tell you to through away the cat!!Believe me!
And I've got something for you in my blog!!!Kisses and hugs!

Hope Chella said...

this is so funny!!! xx

Jewels Diva® said...

Hilarious line from your hubs, and I want a pussy too!!!!

Magpie said...

I have a cat. He's awesome, really, there's NOTHING to be afraid of, especially since they're only wee scraps of fur when they're kittens!

Good luck on the baby front. Tell Honey Lips that even if there are two pussies in the house, only one of them will deign to ever get wet.


Stacy said...

You don't want a cat. You want a DOG!

Anonymous said...

lol @ two pussies.

I started Following you! Follow me too!

OfficeGirl said...

You get a cat if you want one. I'm not a huge fan of cats, but I am for good woman and wives to get what they deserve.
Don't worry about the baby situation. Just get drunk, it worked for me.

Blue~Flame said...

Hm, yes maybe cats are a good way to prepare yourself. but then acc. to me, nothing NOTHING can prepare you for those lil bundle of horrors!
Yeah, I'll shut up.

Juliana said...

i think that's a really good idea. cats aren't as much work as dogs, but still need plenty of TLC. just please, please adopt from a shelter; you'll be saving that cat's life and opening a shelter spot for another kitty. adoption is awesome!

its simple love said...

You know I really want a dog right now. An english bulldog to be exact. I think you could handle a cat! As long as you get a nice one (I hate mean cats).


p.s. Did you enter my giveaway? It ends Sunday so be sure to do that quick!

Iva said...

I hope you get your baby soon!!

Nuke Girl said...

You can have my cat... she'd put Honey Lips back in his proper place reeeeaaaal quick. There'd be no more of him saying that YOU'RE the one who can't handle two pussies, that's for sure. ;)

And just because he said that, now your first baby will be a GIRL. lol!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hahahahaha you guys are such a riot! Lols @ " you can't handle two pussies" hahahahaha.

Andhari said...

LOL @ you can't hand;e two pussies. :p

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