Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Cheek Of Him!

"Hey I see you clicking on some [insert some tongue-clacking here]  links", Honey Lips teased me while stepping out of the living room.

I'm on the porch, enjoying a cup of tea and Kiss cakes.  I know it's bad but I woke up hungry!  My laptop is on.  I need to check my Reader etc., and the first thing I do after my morning shower and tea is to read blogs and check mails. 

"What?", I asked.

He came to stand by me and put his hands on my shoulders.  So I hugged him. 

"Eating Kiss cakes in the morning huh?", he observed.

"What to do? My husband feeds me with 'em", I sarcastically replied.

"You think you can lose 25 pounds by tomorrow morning?", he queried.

"Hahahaha...", I merely laughed and held onto his protruding belly.

"Can YOU lose 10 pounds by tomorrow morning?", I asked.

He sucked the belly in and exclaimed, with all gusto, "Why mess with beauty?!"

Well I shouldn't be surprised really...after all, he kisses his own reflection any chance he gets!  The lack of confidence I bear makes up for his extravagant self-assurance! Balance is restored.  I think.


lovelyviolet5 said...

Ohh!I hate when he puts his hands on my shoulders!!And that look they take?!"I'm the only one in the world girl!"

Magpie said...

Are you clicking on XXX links naughty girl?

I maintain that sort of 'self-help' burns calories...

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

hahahaha. Now that's what I call a balance of nature. hehehehe. Whenever my boyfriend and I are together he always wants me to eat a lot, it's so annoying because he says he wants to fatten me up so that no other guy will ever look at me! Grrr!

dating diva said...

That's one of my morning rituals too! I love scrolling through the google news and blog reader with a cup of coffee.



Gnetch said...

I may have said this many times but I'll say it again. You and HL are meant for each other. Haha.

Lady Mel said...

Kisses his own self-reflection.... talk about weirdo. :P

Be confident in yourself. :)

From a Low Self-esteem/ Confidence (It's possible!) Girl

Kanwalful said...

You two are funny blobs of funniness

Jewels Diva® said...

Kisses his reflection, bahahahahahaha!!!!

LibbyLayla1984 said...

OMG! Thank You for following my blog. You made my day
Big hugz

MKL said...

Your boyfie is awesome! Always has a sharp answer. Sorry, Jo, you can't beat men, we ALWAYS have answers for everything and if they don't make sense to you, it's ok, because they don't make sense to you ;-)

LA Idiot said...

Men only suck in their gut in front of beautiful women ;)

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