Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm A Very Busy Woman...

This post is all about updates.  

Remember Main Squeeze?  I haven't heard from her in a long while.  The last time I saw her was when she brought her dad over to introduce him to Honey Lips and I.  That was in March, if my memory serves me right.  I've met The Pimp last week.  Saw him a couple of times before and always alone or in the company of friends.  Is he still with Main Squeeze? I'm not sure.

Treadmill Mouth went underground for a good portion of the last 2 months.  He then re-appeared 3 weeks ago.  I think he was hiding away, out of shame.  Because almost everyone caught him out on his gossip-y habits.  Honey Lips conveniently turns his head away or just leaves when Treadmill Mouth is around.  HL doesn't want to be associated with the likes of TM.

Attitude Boy became the father of a little girl last month.  His first baby mother and the twins are still in NY.  His attitude still sucks.  Pretty Woman went to the US and in her first week in the states, she already started applying for modelling jobs.  Facebook says she's reaching places.  I wish her all the best.

Flat Face and Horny Pants haven't left each other's bed as of yet.  God bless them.

Lover Boo is still pining for Virgin Boo.  Lover Boo wastes spends her time analyzing the unjustices of unrequited love while Virgin Boo is doing her best to keep things platonic.  It's no use talking to either one of them.

Stupid Girl should have been named Sucker Girl.  A couple of weeks ago, I caught her (not exactly caught her since she doesn't bother hiding the nasty habit) sucking her thumb! She sits on her balcony, sucking her thumb! Well good for her.  At least she's practising something! Sucking skills are very important if you want to succeed in life, right?  You don't know?  Ask Stupid Girl's mum.  I met her for the first time last week and I would be so right in believing that she condones her daughter's lifestyle.  As a matter of fact, SG's whole family knows of her affair with High Cock.  Talk about family support!

Anyway, let's get to the good news.

Honey Lips is still trying to be funny and cracking jokes left, right and center while The Mercurial Wife is being a bitch.  As always.

Side Note: Why are you skimming? Go click on the links and read the stories if you haven't already! There's a good girl. ;p


Kanwalful said...

Johana, you're awesome. I'm going to stalk you now. And keep expressing my love for you. Yes. Good bye.

Gnetch said...

I think Stupid Girl should practice on something "bigger." Just in case she wants to be more stupid in the future. Haha!

Andhari said...

LOL love Gnetch's comment and I second that. Stupid Girl is an appropriate name too!

// krissy ♥ said...

What about Lover Boo and Virgin Boo? :)

Amber said...

Thumb sucking makes me really uncomfortable.

And I must say that your blog is looking very beautiful these days.

Anonymous said...

Sucking skills ARE very important in life!

Holly Renee said...

Ha! Maybe treadmill was hiding out. It's never good when people find out what you have been saying about them. Sometimes people's words just astound me!

Nuke Girl said...

Goody! Updates! In fact, I don't think I know who Stupid Girl is, so I'm heading there right now to check it out.

Nashe^ said...

Sucking skills and family support are vrey important, yes.

PS; I WOULD wanna live in a pink house!

Johana Hill said...

Krissy Lover Boo is looking like a forlorn puppy right now. And Virgin Boo is still being selfish. :(

Amber Thank you love! ;p

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